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As real estate specialists, our mission is to provide our clients an amazing, unmatched experience that meets all their real estate needs. We follow a simple philosophy: the client always comes first. Thus, we constantly strive to remain in constant communication with each client and to keep them fully informed through every phase of the process – buying, selling, and everything in between! We believe in measuring our job success through the satisfaction of our clients rather than monetary milestones or awards.


Welcome to Ashley Diaz and Patricia Banker’s real estate website. Since teaming up in 2014, Ashley and Patricia have helped countless clients reach their home goals while ensuring that their services are always personalized and prompt. Understanding the nuances of a real estate transaction by yourself can be difficult, but you can trust in this team of dedicated professionals to ensure you have the smoothest transactions possible!

Patricia’s parents were the ultimate do-it-yourself enthusiasts – she grew up watching them purchase and renovate homes and now loves a good design project. She is an excellent interior designer and excels at staging a home for sale, and her Psychology degree allows her to help clients deal with the stress of buying or selling a house. Ashley specializes in current market trends – her profound understanding of how the market works allow her to pick the perfect timings for you to buy or sell your home.

Together, Ashely and Patricia have hundreds of real estate sales and happy clients to boast of! Every client relationship begins with the question “What are your goals?” and ends with a personalized package tailored to their needs. There simply aren’t enough experienced people in the real estate business today who have the time to provide individualized services to every client, but that’s what Ashely and Patricia are here for!



Patricia Banker has had a real estate license since 2004 and has 10 years of experience working in the loan business before it. The decision to transition to the real estate business actually came from Patricia’s love of her own home. “My home is more than just a building to me, it is where my family’s memories are created,” she says. As a real estate agent with a mortgage license, Patricia’s passion lies in helping other people find their dream home, or helping them through the process of selling an old home to move onto bigger and better adventures!

Having been through the cycle of the loan business, Patricia has a deep understanding of how quickly the market can change, as well as the sort of hurdles people can face within it. She uses this experience to help her clients overcome such hurdles when it comes to buying or selling a house.

Since a person’s home can be their greatest asset, Patricia believes that the transactions involving them should be handled with great care. “Purchasing a home can be exciting and life-altering at the same time,” she says, “We hope to ease the stress our clients feel so they can enjoy the process more.” With a degree in psychology, Patricia is well-equipped to help individual clients overcome their fears and enter into a smooth transaction.

Patricia loves interior design and has helped countless clients turn their vision of the perfect home into a reality. If your home needs a new look or just some TLC, Patricia is the real estate specialist for you!


Ashley Diaz was born and raised in the Rancho Cucamonga foothills of Southern California – and is a family of real estate agents, no less! Ashley feels being a real estate agent is in her blood and it helps her excel at her job. Being a Southern California local and armed with a degree in education; she has had the pleasure of watching the Rancho Cucamonga foothills area grow into what it is today, which has helped her appreciate the future potential of any property.

“My favorite thing about living in Southern California is the beautiful scenery it offers – whether it be the mountains or the beautiful parks,” says Ashley. Being a mum of two sons, she knows what families look for when they want to settle in this area, and truly enjoys showing them all that the area has to offer. “I understand what it means to raise a family here as I am doing so myself too!” says Ashley, “The schools here are excellent, and my sons and I enjoy hiking in the foothills and skiing in Mount Baldy during our free time!”

Ashley’s specialty, thus, is the local market – she loves to learn about the ever-moving real estate trends happening in the said market and coming up with creative ways for her clients to take advantage of them! Her experience with countless transactions pertaining to short sales, foreclosures, and bank-owned negotiations means that Ashley is the real estate specialist for you, especially if you want to purchase or sell your home at the right time!

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